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Training secrets that work great with large dogs

Everyone who owns a big dog knows how important it is to have proper obediance training. It's one thing to have a toy poodle jumping up on a house guest. It's another thing to have a German Shepard, Great Dane or Great Pyrenees jumping up on guests, barking loudly or exhibiting other forms of aggresive or obnoxious behavior. Fortunately there are some great dog training manuals and videos that can help owners of the larger breeds. Used by over 60,000 dog owners, SECRETS TO DOG TRAINING is one of the best dog training programs you will find.

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The Larger the Dog, The Bigger the Fun!

Big dogs are often hardier than smaller breeds, able to withstand cold temperatures and traverse long distances. For this reason, large dog breeds are typically chosen for search and rescue work, for police and security patrols, and as service animals for persons with disabilities.